Development environment installation guide

JDK 1.6 / 1.7 Installed (or available as a directory). Spring tool suite – STS (Spring’s eclipse) from:


Eclipse 3.7 / 4.2 including Maven plug-in, AspectJ plug-in and EGit plug-in.

Tested with Eclipse 3.7 / STS 3.0/3.1

A complete Eclipse bundle, including OpenLegacy and all the necessary plug-ins, is available at:

  1. For STS – start springsource/sts-/sts.exe. OR start your Eclipse
  2. Select a clean workspace folder.
  3. Select file-> “import” -> Git -> “Project from git”, select “Uri”
  4. Click “Clone”
    STS 3.X – Copy the following URL to URI field
    Provide your github user and password.
  5. Select the working branch (master). Click “Next”.
  6. Select a local git folder. Click “Next”, and “Finish”. Wait for the import to complete.
  7. Once complete, select “Next” and “Import existing projects”.
    Select all projects.
  8. Perform project -> clean…, “Clean all project”, in case of errors
    Execute the test suite: OpenLegacyRuntimeSuite (CTRL+SHIFT+T to find it) to run all OpenLegacy runtime unitests.
    NOTE: On Windows, you may need to allow Windows firewall.
    Designtime project is using Drools rule engine. It is recommended to install the plug-in from:…o/soa-tooling/ (enables DRL & BPMN rules file editing).
    To install the plug-in, select “Help” -> “Install New Software”, click “Add…” and add the above URL.
    Select “JBoss SOA development” -> JBoss Drools Core.
    Uncheck “Contact All update sites”.
  9. Import code style preferences. Select Import -> preferences, and select the file from openlegacy root project -> openlegacy-prefs.epf
  10. For running OpenLegacy as a Web application, import:
    – /openlegacy/openlegacy-templates/openlegacy-mvc-sample project (web demo application)
    (URL is http://localhost:8080/openlegacy-mvc-sample)
    – /openlegacy/openlegacy-templates/openlegacy-mvc-new project (new empty web application)
    (URL is http://localhost:8080/openlegacy-mvc-new/emulation)
    Right click on “run-application.launch”, and click run as-> “run-application”.
    Verify the launcher is using JDK 1.6 in case of an error.
    Open your browser to the chosen application above mentioned URL.