Contains mostly interfaces and annotation for runtime purposes, which enables defining screens API classes using OpenLegacy annotations, session API, modules API, entities registry API and connectors API.

Utility classes for common tasks.

Main implementation of OpenLegacy runtime API. Contains common implementation of runtime components

Contains Web and Spring MVC related components.

Contains all designtime components (non UI): snapshots analyzer, code generators, create project, etc.

Containes OpenLegacy eclipse plug-in code: Create project, Generate API / Web pages, project builder, project nature, etc.

An Eclipse feature project for installing into Eclipse as a feature.

A container for Eclipse update site for installing/updating OpenLegacy plug-in from URL.

OpenLegacy Providers are the layer which enables various Legacy API provider to integrate with OpenLegacy framework & tools. OpenLegacy is shipped with two open source providers and one commercial provider (requires manual JAR installing and license). The provider host properties is configured via src/main/resources/ file within the project. Providers projects are not available by default when importing projects for the first time.

In order to import a legacy provider project, use Import -> existing projects into workspace, and select <git_clone_dir>/openlegacy/openlegacy-providers/<openlegacy-provider_name>.

Applinx (commercial product) provider from Software AG provides the ability to connect various legacy systems (AS/400, MainFrame, NATUX, BS2000, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Unisys). It can be used by OpenLegacy as a connector for these types of hosts, and provide a supported connector for your Legacy system.…ew/default.asp

Follow the instructions in the readme file within the project in order to use Applinx JAR files and license. OpenLegacy can use Applinx as an embedded connector, or can connect to a standalone Applinx server. Applinx settings is done via the file.

TN5250J is a popular open source project which provides a connector for connecting to AS/400 (TN5250). The provider code is implementing OpenLegacy provider API, using TN5250J jar.
TN5250 jars is provided via OpenLegacy maven repository.

H3270 is a popular open source project which provides a connector for connecting to Mainframe (TN3270). The provider code is implementing OpenLegacy provider API. H3270 source code is embedded within the provider code (org.h3270 package).