OpenLegacy generates Java APIs, AspectJ, JUnit, Web controller and Web pages into your project.

Sometimes you may want to control the generated content, especially in large projects.

To customize the generated content, right click on the project, and select OpenLegacy -> “customize code templates…”. This will result in a templates directory which will be used from this point for any generated content.

The templates are bases on freemarker opensource project, a leading templating framework. The templates model is based on OpenLegacy designtime model properties.

Here is the list of APIs used by each template:

  • (Response for generating screens API)- org.openlegacy.designtime.terminal.model.ScreenEnt ityDesigntimeDefinition
  • ScreenEntityMvcPage.jspx.template (used for generating web pages)


  • ScreenEntityMvcController.aj.template (used for controller Aspectj)