run-emulation is an eclipse launcher (based on Maven plug-in) which exist in every project, and provide an emulation access to the legacy application, mainly for session recording.

To run the emulation, right click on run-emulation.launch and select Run As -> run-emulation. Once it starts it run by default onhttp://localhost:1512, and will launch your FireFox browser to this address. It is based on Jetty web server.

The launcher is aware of the project configuration (spring context and, and provide additional properties all with defaults, which can be configured through Run As-> Run Configuration…
org.openlegacy.port=PORT TO START THE WEB SERVER
org.openlegacy.browser=PATH TO YOUR BROWSER
org.openlegacy.trail.path=PATH TO SAVE TRAIL FILES
org.openlegacy. context.file=PATH TO SPRING CONTEXT FILE