At this point the generated API has an automatic web or mobile view (within web/mobile projects). Run the application (run-application.launch) to see the resulting pages. At this point you can begin to customize the API and the application logic.  Generate a view from the API to give you full control over the layout or controller to customize the logic.

The result can be viewed at:

Web: http://localhost:8080/[Project Name]

Mobile: http://localhost:8080/[Project Name]/app.

If you wish to use a smartphone/tablet for testing the mobile result, it should be able to access the same network as your development environment, and call the development station IP/host name as:

http://[Dev IP/Name]:8080/[project name]/app

Make sure to open port 8080 in the development station Firewall.



If you have no prior experience with Spring MVC (for web project), AngularJS (for mobile projects), or Apache CXF(for web services), we recommend further reading their documentation.