Veterinary Cooperative: Large agricultural organization gallops ahead with tablet app for AS/400

A veterinary cooperative was looking to upgrade the field technology they used to connect to their back office AS/400 system. In particular, due to poor live communication in some remote sites, they needed to overcome data integrity issues. Doctors also complained about the system’s antiquated user experience.

OpenLegacy’s ability to smoothly connect between mobile and legacy applications enabled the cooperative to quickly and easily upgrade their field technology.

Download the case study to read how OpenLegacy was used to ensure accurate, up-to-date data communicated to the AS/400 and to take advantage of the tablet’s state-of-the-art user experience.

  • "It is absolutely essential for us to have AS/400 data in the hands of our doctors in the field, so that our financial data is always precisely up to date. We looked at many options, and OpenLegacy was the only solution that could work equally well with both the legacy environment and the tablet.”

    CEOAgricultural Cooperative
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