Car Importer

Leading car importer steps on the gas with mobile AS/400 application

The third largest car importer in its country of operation had of its ERP and CRM platforms on AS/400, including all of its core business applications, and some home-grown applications. In the last two years, the company has started to modernize some of its AS/400 applications.
The company wanted to optimize and speed up its sales process by allowing sales managers to review and approve requests for discounts and financing remotely. Using OpenLegacy’s OpenMobile module, the company developed a new mobile application exposing the AS/400 process of reviewing and approving a sales request. Using the new application on their mobile phones, managers now receive a notification when they have a pending request for approval. Currently, the notification is an email message, but a text message or other type of instant message is also possible. Managers can then access the application, view the request details, and approve it – all through their phones.
The new app was developed in just a few days thanks to OpenLegacy’s fast and intuitive mobile development environment.

Download the case study to learn how the importer used OpenLegacy to develop a mobile application informing managers of new requests for approval in real-time.

  • “Our market is highly competitive and we have to keep up. Having our AS/400 applications available for smartphone users is key to being a market leader, and with OpenLegacy we’re able do it quickly and cost-effectively.”

    Car ImporterCIO
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