HMO builds a healthy web application encapsulating business-critical AS/400 workflows

A leading HMO was looking to modernize the user interface of its call center application, residing on an AS/400. Using OpenLegacy’s OpenWeb module, the HMO developed a new web application encapsulating the appointment booking process on the AS/400. The new application took only four days to develop, and consolidates over 20 different AS/400 user screens and business processes into a single streamlined web workflow.
OpenLegacy’s web development environment automatically generated code that hid the complexity of the backend, and allowed the HMO’s development team to focus on developing the application’s user interface, making sure the experience was user-friendly and easy to learn. The development was done using OpenLegacy’s intuitive point & click user interface, and standard web technologies like JavaScript, AngularJS, and HTML. By utilizing these best-in-class web technologies, the new application is extremely fast, responsive (suitable for mobile devices), and will be easy to maintain whenever new business drivers present themselves.
Download the case study to learn how OpenLegacy’s OpenWeb framework was used to build a new web application in only four days, leveraging the latest web and open source standards.

  • “We were apprehensive about developing web applications built on the AS/400 backend at first. OpenLegacy simplified development by generating code that’s lightweight and easy to understand, and using the same web frameworks we use in other parts of the organization. Using OpenLegacy, we managed to expose transactions from the AS/400, and didn’t have to compromise on performance, security, and development speed.”

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