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Car insurance firm reaches new customers with new online quote service

Having a small IT team, the insurance company initially turned to a system integrator to make its car insurance quote functionality accessible externally. The first integration project did not succeed: It took over six months to develop a web service that was too slow – 3 seconds per transaction.
Within five days, OpenLegacy created a fully-functional, high performing, and reliable web service encapsulating the car insurance quote transaction, with a 300 millisecond response time – 10X faster than the previous web service. OpenLegacy leveraged its unique Connection Pools technology, which significantly decreases connection initialization time and thus reduces overall response time. Using OpenLegacy’s graphical user interface for defining web services on top of AS/400 transactions, it was easy for the technical team to add or remove fields to the web service, and maintain it as necessary. OpenLegacy generated simple, lightweight and standard-based web services that are ready to use, thus shortening development time. It exposed the screen API directly as a Web service without any wrappers and complex code. OpenLegacy’s built-in testing and deployment tools also simplified the development process.

Download the case study to read how OpenLegacy was used to create and maintain the Web service without any coding, and how the insurance company was able to reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by 75%.

  • “Having the new OpenLegacy web service up and running within five days, after spending six months developing it with a competitor, was simply unbelievable. The fact that it’s also much faster, and the product is much less expensive, sealed the deal for us.”

    Insurance CompanyCIO
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