Global tire manufacturer drives forward with mobile applications for AS/400

The world’s leading manufacturer of off-highway tires wanted its engineers to be able to access product information as they walk around the factory floor, away from their computers. The information was partly in multiple screens of an AS/400 catalog application, and partly in PDF files on the company’s network.
The manufacturer utilized OpenLegacy to unlock product data and make it accessible to its engineers wherever, whenever they needed it. Using OpenLegacy’s OpenMobile module, it took the company just a few days to develop a tablet application that seamlessly integrated data from the AS/400 product catalog application and the PDF files.
The application lets users search for products, and see all the relevant product information aggregated from four different AS/400 screens, and from the PDF files. The information is displayed in a user-friendly format, that also allows for data updates back to the AS/400. In addition to tablet usage, the same application can be used from the engineers’ mobile phones.
A second mobile application enables system administrators to perform administrative tasks such as resetting user passwords and unlocking users through their mobile phones – this application is especially useful during nights and weekends, when administrators are away from their desks.
Download the case study to read how the company used OpenLegacy to create a tablet application integrating product data from multiple data sources and several AS/400 screens, all within a few days of development time.

  • “I was blown away by how fast and easy it was to develop our new AS/400 tablet app with OpenLegacy. We didn’t need to learn how to code for tablets and we didn’t need to change anything in the AS/400. We get all the benefits of the tablet, with the security and reliability of the AS/400.”

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