A leading department store buys into mobile AS/400 connectivity – without the hefty price tag

To this savvy retailer, being data-driven and providing management with easy access to data and analytics have always been top priorities. The retailer was looking into switching its ERP system and migrating off of the AS/400, only to discover that the cost for an ERP migration project was in the millions of dollars, and entailed 3-5 years of development time – making it prohibitively time-consuming and expensive.
Instead, they partnered with OpenLegacy and transformed key AS/400 processes into a mobile application.
The retailer’s developers leveraged OpenLegacy’s OpenMobile to create a mobile application on top of the retailer’s AS/400 store sales application in only 2.5 days.
The new mobile application exposes real-time sales floor data to managers, who are able to follow sales status in real-time by store and by department. The application is available for both smartphones and tablets, on any platform – Apple iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. In addition to displaying the sales data from the AS/400 screens as data tables, the application leverages standard web and mobile widgets to display the data in easy-to-read charts. The charts combine data from multiple AS/400 screens to display year-over-year sales comparisons – a view that did not exist in the original AS/400 application as a standalone screen.

Download the case study to read how OpenLegacy was used to transform core AS/400 business processes into mobile applications, replacing the “green screens” interface with web and mobile elements, and making business metrics available on mobile devices.

  • “Providing mobile connectivity to all of our managers with development time in days instead of years, at a fraction of the cost of an ERP upgrade project, made working with OpenLegacy a no-brainer.”

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